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Cards by Alysia

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Copyright Notice and Terms of Use:

Copyright protection of all images on these web pages is guaranteed by law.  You do not have the right to distribute, sell or use the images in any way you wish.

You may not use the images for advertising, brochures, editorial publications, public multimedia presentations or any other uses. You may not sell, publish, license or otherwise distribute any of the images without a License To Use from Diane Richard and Mosaic Research and Project Management. You may not place copies of the images on web-sites or electronic bulletin boards for general access or use in any print or published materials.

As a web site visitor, please respect the copyright laws out of respect for and common courtesy to us for supplying these images for your viewing pleasure and to ensure others will share the same viewing benefits as you. We currently do not watermark the images on this web-site in order to provide maximum viewing pleasure.  They are placed here so that you may see all the images used on "Cards by Alysia."  If "image theft" or illegal use of the images of "Cards by Alysia" becomes an issue, we will be forced to watermark these images to protect our copyright rights.  By necessity, watermarking an image reduces the quality of the image ... please work with us to ensure "legal use" of all "Cards by Alysia"  images which will keep the images "watermark free."

No use of these images is permitted except under the conditions specified below.

Sale of Images:

Licenses to many of the images shown on the "Cards by Alysia" web pages may be purchased for high resolution JPEG files. Prints of these larger-size images are also available for purchase.  To obtain a JPEG file license or purchase an image in a larger size, please contact us. Currently, these requests are handled on a case by case basis. 

Free Use of Images:

If you are a non-profit organization or engaged in a non-profit activity or if you are a student working on an educational project, write to us and request permission to use our on-line JPEG images for your projects. We will discuss the specific conditions of your request. If we grant a license, there are some conditions that will apply, including:

  • provide acknowledgment as follows: "Piece Title" Used by permission.  Copyright 2005 "Cards by Alysia" (subsidiary of Mosaic Research and Project Management)

  • send to us the URL of the website where the image is used if it's to be used on the Internet

  • grant us permission to cite your use on our web site to profile the "Cards by Alysia" artwork

  • students using the images in their off-line papers and projects should show the precise webpage from which they took the image

Additionally, you may use the images in comps, layouts for in-house presentations, rough draft designs for your clients, story-boards or other comps for yourself or your clients. That is the full extent of reproduction rights that are granted. For all other uses, you must contact Diane Richard at Mosaic Research and Project Management.

When using images under the allowed conditions, remember that the copyright belongs to Alysia Richard & Diane Richard (Mosaic Research and Project Management). Any use of the images beyond the limited uses set forth above constitutes a violation of the applicable copyright law and may result in damages and costs being assessed against you. If your design work involves manipulation of an image - retouching, shrinking, stretching, darkening, lightening, tracing, copying, adding images to other images or in any other way changing them - you may be creating a Derivative Work of the original image (i.e. anything derived from one or several original(s)) -- a violation of copyright law, which again may result in damages and costs being assessed against you.

Under copyright law, the creator of the original work also owns the copyright to all works derived from the original. Therefore, if all or part of your work is seen as having been derived from the original image(s), you do not own the copyright to the derivative work, just as you do not own the copyright to the original work.

Linking, Framing, Spidering

You are always encouraged to make a link to any of the web pages (html files) included in this server without any restriction. In fact, if you have enjoyed this site or if it has been useful to you, and if you happen to maintain a web site, we would appreciate if you would give us a link.

The following are NOT authorized:

  • Embedding images into a web page, that is have a direct ("hot") link (img src) to any image (jpeg file).

  • Using programs to automatically download or spider large portions of the site for purposes other than indexing

  • Framing of any of the web pages.

If you have any questions or need information about using a "Cards by Alysia" image, please contact us. We'll be happy to help.

For information provided by the U.S. Copyright Office visit here.

To learn more about copyright in plain English read 10 Copyright Myths.


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Your E-mail address will never be sold or given to anyone else nor will it be used for any other than the stated purposes of informing you of New Art, Specials and other news items!

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