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Diane L Richard

Mosaic Research & Project Management

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Research Services Pricing

(Updated 01/01/2011)

Here is a list of the pricing for our Genealogy and Family Research Services. 


if needed, 15-30 minute consultation FREE
all research $50.00 per hour


Note: the cost of accessing UK & US census archives and many other resources is included ... you will not incur any additional charges for this data.

Note: the cost of taking digital photographs of documents, book pages, etc and/or saving digital images are included at no charge

b&w copies, color copies, printing on photo paper at cost
certificates/documents at cost
specialized services at cost
faxing at cost
packaging & mailing a CD/DVD of digital content $2.50 (for more than 1 CD/DVD -- add $1 for each)
creating a CD/DVD of digital content $2.50

Note: other services will be priced at cost plus required research time.

Official PayPal SealPAYMENT: We accept either check or money order or you can pay via Paypal -- accepts all major credit cards, e-checks & more.  Depending upon the project, you will either be invoiced when we are done or asked to provide a retainer.

If using paypal, we can send you an invoice (please e-mail us and request this) or you can pay us directly using the button to the right -- the drop-down menu reflects different project timeframes, choose the one that we discussed as best for your needs.  We will send you an acknowledgement e-mail upon receipt of payment.

Select the project duration that works for you!
IMPORTANT: This will give you a "factual" report of what has been found.  If you desire more of a "story" or "family history" such as you find on this web-site, please ask us about the additional cost to do this.  Remember, we are happy to incorporate photos, images of documents or anything that will result in a family history that will be an enduring keepsake and document your family's legacy! IMPORTANT: As much as possible we try to use the most economical means possible to research your family.  The reality is that in order to get copies of birth, marriage or death certificates or wills or land grants or other documents, there is frequently a cost! This is a cost for you to pay.  We will not incur any such cost until (or unless) you give us permission -- do recognize, that we will not suggest such a purchase unless we believe that it will benefit the research and that if you do not agree to the suggestion, it may impact our ability to further research your family!
To ship your report and/or materials to you, you are charged the actual shipping cost plus a $2.50 handling charge (the most economical method will be chosen unless you indicate a preference) If you prefer to receive your report/materials on a computer disk, you are charged $2.50 per disk, and $2.50 for shipping and handling.

If you prefer to receive your report/materials electronically, you will be charged just the $2.50 handling charge.

Note: additional services are available, at cost, upon request including binding the report, making more than 1 copy of the report, creating a family tree, etc.

Note: all prices are in U.S. dollars

Note: all accounts delinquent past 60 days will incur a 10% late charge on a monthly basis until the account balance is paid off.  After 4 months of delinquency, a collection agency (and much higher fees/charges) will be contacted to pursue the balance due.


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Please do keep Mosaic Research and Project and Management in mind for your Genealogy and Family Research needs.

Genealogy - Family History Research

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Family History research makes a birthday, Mother's Day or Father's Day Present! Ask us about researching your ancestry!


We have a listing on an Expert Genealogy Professionals Page - check it out!

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