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Genealogy -- Family History


This page is dedicated to Family Historians.  On this page you will find information from our personal genealogies.  For an overview of our Research Services, Research Services Pricing and Affiliated Services, please see the bar below.

The two abbreviated family trees below will assist you in correlating the genealogy research files below.  The families have been divided into two groups: ACEY Family Tree (Early 1900 US Emigrant Families) and FOUNTAIN Family Tree (UK-Based Families). You may also jump directly to the research files.

A project titled "Genealogy From Scratch" that encompasses the Cortwright, Kaminsky, Matthews, Ozark/Ovcarik, Richard,  Robichaud, Woulf and affiliated families (Kannapel, Deremer, Quick and more) hailing from Chicago, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Quebec, Poland, France and Russia.  This is an opportunity to track a new genealogy (family history) project.  We will start by working from some information provided by the family and then use various resources to find additional information.  Here is an opportunity to watch a genealogy project evolve. Additionally, this project will be used to try out the new Family Tree Maker 2005 software.  The link above will take you to the Web Blog for the project and also to a link to a Family Files page!  Published pieces are available at: Dave's Family.


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NOTE:  As you know, the research never stops.  The files below will not give you all the known details on these families.  Every single branch has had Addenda created.  Not ALL addenda are included on this web-site; hence, you cannot learn everything we know from what you have available here.  Feel free to contact us to see if we have other information.

Acey Family/Emmigrant Families Abbreviated Genealogy Tree

{Early 1900 US Emigrant Families Genealogies} 

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Fountain Family/UK-Based Families Genealogy Tree

{UK-Based Families Genealogies}

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IMPORTANT NOTE: ALL these files are in PDF format.  Currently, this is the easiest format to preserve the organization and appearance of these documents, though not the most accessible format.  These documents were originally created in WORD and for the most part, use the Marigold font (if you do not have this font on your machine, then the WORD version will lose it's integrity with the floating graphics a particular issue.)  If you would like access to the WORD version, please contact us.Adobe Reader Icon

Adobe Reader is required to read PDF documents, if you do not have the Adobe Reader installed on your computer, you may obtain it FREE from Adobe.

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UK-Based Families

These families originated in the UK and though they may have migrated around the UK, they never emigrated except for Margaret Fountain.

Early 1900 US Emigrant Families

These families originated in Finland or Galicia/Poland and then emigrated to the U.S.  circa 1900-1910.


Margaret Joyce Fountain Acey (PDF - 2.5MEG) (Manchester & environs Lancashire)

Butterworth (PDF - 500K) (Oldham Lancashire) (also Chadderton, Ingham, Scholes)

George Nelson (flew "Orphan" in Marseilles-Damascus-Paris Race, 1937) (PDF - 5.7MEG)

Nelson (PDF - 750K) (Minigaff Scotland to Oldham Lancashire) (also McCartney & Walker)

Taylor (PDF --500K) (Rochdale & Oldham Lancashire) (also Newton)

Wolfenden (PDF -330K) (Oldham Lancashire) (also Crossley)


Acey/Kujanpää (PDF- 2.7MEG ) (Ylistaro Finland to Peabody Massachusetts) (alternately Lammi) (also Heimari)

Anna Acey Kimball Tales (PDF --200K)

Lillian Acey Citizenship & More (PDF - 750K ) (Ylistaro Finland to Massachusetts)

Malecki (PDF - 1.3 MEG) (Wola Pietrusza Poland to Salem Massachusetts (alternately Malecka, Maleski, Maleska) (also Paskowski)

Rajala (PDF - 1.3 MEG) (Soini Finland to Peabody Massachusetts) (also Heimari)

Complete Versions:

Fountain & Smith (PDF - 700K) (West Yorkshire to Oldham Lancashire)

2004 Addendum Fountain (PDF - 1 MEG) (posted 9/8/05)

2005 Addendum George Fountain & Mary Ann Oldfield (PDF - 200K)(posted 9/9/05)

2005 Addendum John Richard & Rachel Fountain (PDF - 5.5 MEG) (posted 10/25/2005)

2004 Addendum Nelson (PDF - 1.1MEG)

"A Window of Memories" , 2004, (PDF - 1 MEG) (Edith Lewis Warburton, part of Nelson Family)

Oldfield, Hodgkinson (PDF - 1MEG) (Lincolnshire/ Nottinghamshire to Oldham Lancashire) (also Boswell, Goodwin, Western)

2005 Addendum Oldfield (PDF - 200K) (Lincoln & Boston, Lincolnshire) (posted 9/8/05)

2002 Addendum Taylor (PDF - 1MEG)

2004 Addendum Elsie Taylor Fountain Paine (PDF - 2.6 MEG)

2004 Addendum Ernest Taylor (PDF - 800K)

2004-2005 Addendum Taylor -- Bits 'n Pieces (PDF - 1.1 MEG)

Torkington (PDF - 300K) (Oldham Lancashire) (posted 9/8/05)

2004 Addendum Wolfenden (PDF - 500K)

2005 Addendum Wolfenden (PDF - 200K) (posted 10/7/05)

Complete Versions:

Barna (PDF - 2.6MEG) (Deszno Poland to Salem Massachusetts) (also Burdasz, Burdashz)

Blom (PDF - 3.3MEG ) (Ylistaro Finland to Peabody Massachusetts & Eveleth Minnesota) (alternately Pluumi, Plummi) (also Kivisto)

Emigrating to the US (the Ports -- Antwerp, Boston, Bremen, Ellis, Hamburg, Hanko or Hangö, Hull, Liverpool, Rotterdam, Southampton) (PDF - 3MEG)

Galicia Intro (incl. towns of Deszno & Wola Pietrusza) (PDF - 800K)

Salem, Peabody & Somerset Massachusetts (PDF - 4.5MEG)

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