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Samples of Genealogy and Family History Projects

(the full collection of available personal genealogy projects are on the Family Historians page)


Family Tree Graphic

Below is a sampling of some of the projects that we have been involved with. Just because we list particular places and/or names, in most cases, research techniques we have used will be successful for similar searches. 

Additionally, new records are always becoming available.  Each of these projects was revisited a year or two after completion and an addendum was created reflecting new resources and new lines of inquiry (see sample addenda for the NELSON family, PDF 1.1 meg and the WOLFENDEN family, PDF 500K) .


We are currently involved in an ongoing research project involving Chicago, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Quebec, Belarus, Poland and more ... the documents produced so far can be seen at: "DAVE'S FAMILY" (this is the companion page to the the "Genealogy From Scratch" project mentioned above).

Photo of George Nelson & A.E. Couston c. 1937George Nelson

He was a fascinating person to research.  The fascination was because through George, we learned about a period of history that we weren't really familiar with ... the age of Air Races.  He participated in Map Showing 1937 Air Racea harrowing Air Race held in 1937 that went from Marseille to Damascus to Paris; it was almost a catastrophe for George and A. E. Clouston and their plane, called  the "Orphan."  Tragically, George died in a place crash in India in 1938.  The file contains newspaper clippings and book excerpts.(5.7 Meg file!)

Family Historians & Genealogists

There is a page set-up just for you.  On this page you'll find a link to a genealogy resources page, abbreviated family trees and references to over 20 PDF documents full  of family history covering Finland, Galicia/ Poland, England/Scotland/ Ireland and Salem/Peabody Massachusetts.

Family History and Genealogy Resources that we are affiliated with can be found on our Service Fees Page and Resources Page.

Outline Map of EnglandEngland

Research into English records spanning the early 1700s to the early 1900s.  Special focus on Lancashire, particularly Oldham, Hollinwood, Chadderton, Rochdale and area.  Also have worked with records in Cheshire, Lincolnshire, Nottingham & West Yorkshire.  Some of the family names researched include:  Butterworth, Chadderton, Crossley, Fountain, Guest Hodgkinson, Newton, Oldfield, Smith, Taylor, Torkington, Western, Wolfenden and allied families. You can see an excerpt (PDF 500K) of the BUTTERWORTH genealogy.

Family portrait of Alice Wolfenden and granddaughters

Map showing Northern European Ports

European Emigrants

Though one would anticipate that emigrants from one region would consistently use one departure port and one arrival port, that is frequent-ly not the case.  For some families, every member used a different departure port!  Frequently Eastern Europeans used any of the European ports and sometimes even departed via an English port.  Scandinavians frequently used Liverpool or Southampton!

Map of Germany showing where Port of Bremerhaven is


Research into Finnish records spanning the late 1600s to the late 1800s.  Special focus on Ostrobothnia, particularly Ylistaro and Soini regions.  Coat of Arms of FinlandSome of the family names researched include: Blom Kujanpää and Rajala. You can see an excerpt (PDF 1.3 meg) of the RAJALA genealogy.


Outline Map of Poland



You will no longer find Galicia on a map.  What was once Galicia is now split amongst Poland and the Ukraine.  Such Ruthenians, as they are sometimes caGalicia Coat of Armslled, are a challenge to research and yet the area has such fascinating history.

See families under Massachusetts for more info.

Matti Acey Citizenship CertificateMassachusetts

Large numbers of Finns and Ruthenians congregated in the industrial areas of Massachusetts; even though many people associate Scandinavians with the Midwest.  In Massachusetts, Peabody had a large Finnish population as did many neighboring communities. For the Ruthenians, they gathered more in Salem and other nearby communities.  We have found extended families that have emigrated to a single community and other families who have spread to the four corners of eitheUnited Shoe Machineryr a state or the entire country.  It is interesting to note that those from Galicia did not always share a common ethnicity.  In researching the Barna and Malecki families who came from communities 20 miles apart in Galicia to meet at a Salem boarding house, we learn the Barnas spoke Russian, have a Polish name and were Russian Orthodox while apparently, the Malecki family came from a community that was considered Catholic. You can see an excerpt (PDF about 1.3 meg) of the MALECKI genealogy.

Russia, Poland, DE, PA, etc
We created a type of blog called "Genealogy from Scratch" for this project that encompassed the Cortwright, Kaminsky, Matthews, Ozark/Ovcarik, Richard,  Robichaud, Woulf and affiliated families hailing from Chicago, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Quebec, Poland and Russia.  This is an opportunity to track a new genealogy (family history) project.  5/1/2006 -- we discontinued this project to focus on other work.

Outline Map of ScotlandScotland

Though Scotland and England are both part of the UK, what records are available are not always the same.  Our familiarity is more with the lowlands of Scotland, particularly Kirkcudbrightshire and Wigtownshire. The families researched are Ne(i)lson, McCartney and Walker.  With a name like Nelson, we could be talking a Highlands Scot or an Irishman! You can see an excerpt (PDF about 750K) of the NELSON genealogy.

Map Showing Southwest Scotland

Photo of Margaret Joyce Fountain Acey as a young girlIndividuals

The projects above refer to whole families.  Mosaic Research and Project Management will also do research that focuses on an individual.  This means gathering as much information as possible on this person covering a dedicated period of time.  Sometimes the focus is a twenty year period and sometimes it is the complete life of a person.  You can see an excerpt (PDF 2.5 meg) of the Margaret Joyce Fountain Acey genealogy.

Cover for "A Window of Memories"Memories

This project  "A Window of Memories" (PDF 1 meg) focuses on the early memories of Edith Lewis Warburton (part of the NELSON clan!).  The author added  memories from recent correspondence and inserted some relevant family photos into the document.  The completed document is a compendium covering early 20th century life.

Genealogy - Family History Research

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