Mosaic Research and Project Management
Personal Family History Research
Like most other professional genealogists, we start out by researching our own families and those
of extended family.  Here are a collection of files culled from personal research.  We are happy to
share "our" families with you and we always love to hear from cousins!

One piece, written by "Auntie Edith" is also included here to honor both her and her
Memories of
our shared family.

These are grouped into:
  • UK-Based Families [Fountain et al]
  • Early 1900 US Emigrant Families
  • Families from Russia, Alsace-Lorraine, Poland
  • Families from UK [Matthews, Curry et al]
UK-Based Families
These families originated in the UK and though
they may have migrated around the UK, they
never emigrated except for Margaret Fountain.

  • Margaret Joyce Fountain Acey --
    Manchester & environs Lancashire
  • Butterworth -- Oldham Lancashire (also
    Chadderton, Ingham, Scholes)
  • George Nelson (flew "Orphan" in
    Marseilles-Damascus-Paris Race, 1937)
  • Nelson  -- Minigaff Scotland to Oldham
    Lancashire (also McCartney & Walker)
  • Taylor -- Rochdale & Oldham Lancashire  
    (also Newton)
  • Wolfenden -- Oldham Lancashire (also

Complete Versions:

Families from UK

Early 1900 US Emigrant Families
These families originated in Finland or
Galicia/Poland and then emigrated to the U.S.  
circa 1900-1910.

  • Acey/Kujanpää  -- Ylistaro Finland to
    Peabody Massachusetts (alternately
    Lammi) (also Heimari)
  • Anna Acey Kimball Tales
  • Lillian Acey Citizenship & More -- Ylistaro
    Finland to Massachusetts)
  • Malecki -- Wola Pietrusza Poland to
    Salem Massachusetts (alternately
    Malecka, Maleski, Maleska) (also
  • Rajala  -- Soini Finland to Peabody
    Massachusetts) (also Heimari)

Complete Versions:

Families from Russia, Alsace-
Lorraine, Poland